Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I traveled Seattle to North Carolina today (March 31st) and it has already been a memorable trip. Here's some of the highlights...

I got a haircut from my friend Carina in Seatac. It was awesome and she didn't charge me! That was amazing...the day got weird after that.

We were delayed getting into Chicago (my first stop). We circled in a holding pattern for about 45 minutes. It was like being on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland (with the same number of screaming kids) and not being able to get off.

When I deplaned I couldn't help but think about the fact that Chicago must be proud to have Obama in the White House. As I speed walked to my gate I noticed that the portly gentleman in front of me was wearing an "Commemorative" Obama shirt. I made my move to go around him and nearly bumped into a John McCain look-a-like, only with better posture. I wish I had a camera, more time and guts to take his picture.

Within minutes of arriving in Raleigh I was invited catfishing, or catfish fishing. I think I'm going.

After an hour (no joke) of waiting for our bags at baggage claim, someone decided to check on the status of our bags.

As it turns out not a single bag was loaded onto our plane in Chicago...not a single bag. How does this happen? How do you "forget" to load an entire plane's worth of luggage?

Needless to say people weren't happy and the glorified closet that doubled as the baggage office was flooded with people trying to figure out how to get their bags.

The situation escalated when the baggage staff tried to shut the door to deal with a few customers at a time. The mass of people pushed in on the door and it quickly turned into what I can only describe as an episode of Jerry Springer. Not wanting to be caught in the middle, I quickly grabbed a phone number and made a dash for my rental car.

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