Monday, January 26, 2009

My Resume

I decided it would be enlightening to post my complete list of previous employment along with insights I've gained from each.

1. Statesman Journal Newspaper Carrier - I don't like getting up in the morning.
2. Dog/House Sitter - I wish someone would pay me to take care of my own dog and house.
3. Lawn Care Services - Don't wear your new shoes when mowing the lawn.
4. Strawberry and Raspberry Picker - Eating berries really cuts into profits and you can learn a new language if your desperate enough.
5. YMCA Camp Counselor -
6. Coffee Café Barista - The skin is able to soak up an incredible amount of coffee "aroma."
7. Elegant Catering Server - A little alcohol can increase tips greatly.
8. Original Pancake House Dishwasher, Host - When you've got a face like this, don't hide it behind the dishwasher.
9. Circuit City Warehouse Associate - The make steel toed boots for a reason.
10. Video Production Free Lance - don't forget to save your work.
11. PLU Media Services Technician - I don't necessarily need to know why, just how.
12. Truss Joist MacMillian Floor Joist Manufacturing - watch your fingers.
13. KCCS Radio On Air Personality/Production - It is possible to fall asleep in the studio.
14. Tacoma Rainiers Baseball Club - When dressed as Rhubarb the your back.
15. Pipe Incorporated Concrete Pipe Manufacturing -
16. Seattle Sonics Broadcasting Intern - Money can't buy wisdom.
17. PLU Learning Services Audio Textbook Recording - Why am I reading someone else's books and not my own?
18. Alaska Airlines Reservation Sales Rep. - you never know where you'll end up. You could pack for Mexico and wind up in Anchorage.
19. Clover Creek Bible Fellowship Youth Director/Video Intern - computers your work.
20. Tap Tool - I may some day be replaced by a robot.
21. Young Life Intern and Area Director - the work is never done.
22. Affordable Funeral Care Removal Services - If the sheriff is there...that's not a good sign.
23. RE/MAX Community Realty Realtor - writing personal notes to people is important.

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